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About The Journal

Neuro-Fuzzy Modeling Techniques in Economics

scientific journal

The journal is dedicated to the spread of the results of theoretical and practical research in the modeling of economic systems and processes based on the tools of fuzzy set theory, fuzzy logic, neural networks, evolutionary algorithms and other intelligent techniques. The journal is aimed primarily at scientists and experts in the field of economics and finance, which are engaged in the development and application of mathematical methods and models for the analysis and forecasting of economic systems and processes.

The journal is founded in 2011. The journal is annual.

Founder and Publisher: State Higher Educational Establishment "Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman".

Certificate of state registration КВ № 18370-7170Р, issued by the State Registration Service of Ukraine 27.10.2011

Journal is a scientific specialized edition of Ukraine, where can be published the results of dissertations for academic degrees of Doctor of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Economics (order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 642 from 26.05.2014).

ISSN 2415-3516 (Online), ISSN 2306-3289 (Print)

UDC 519.86

The journal is published in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Journal Features

-     We promote only authentic and qualitative research work

-     Quick and easy paper and Internet publication process

-     Very quick response to queries

-     Open access e-Journal

-     Free of cost publication

-     Free of cost Unique DOI assigned to every published article

-     Extensive and Experienced board of  Editorial and Reviewer Member

-     Say No to Plagiarism