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Fuzzy techniques in branding

S. Shtovba, O. Shtovba

The process of creation, promotion to market and exploitation of brands are tied with uncertainty of various natures that is caused by difficulty of predicting the reaction of a large people group. One of the most effective tools for modeling of humanistic systems under uncertainty is fuzzy techniques. It is established that most popular fuzzy techniques in branding are based on fuzzy inference, usage of fuzzy sets for uncertain information presenting, and fuzzy pairwise comparisons of alternatives. Bellman — Zadeh principle, fuzzy clus-tering and fuzzy queries to databases are rarely used in branding. The paper reviews the use of the mentioned fuzzy techniques for solving the practical problems of assessment, modeling, clustering and optimization, which aroused at different stages of the brand life cycle. Despite the advantages of fuzzy techniques for conditions of uncertainty of source information, in the practice of branding they are used in rare cases. Accordingly, the article focuses on the identification of perspective directions of implementation of fuzzy techniques into the brand management, and research of fuzzy modeling tools that can be applied to solve some applied problems with the formulation of recommendations for the design of models and related decision support systems.

Keywords. Brand, branding, fuzzy techniques, fuzzy sets, modeling, decision making, clustering, optimization.

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