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Requirements for the papers

Dear colleagues!

The paper should contain the following elements, according to the decision of SCC of Ukraine № 7-05/1 from 15.01.2003 to the publishing papers in scientific journals:

The papers must contain significant research results that provide theoretical (make a contribution to the development of the neural networks or fuzzy logic theory and methodology) and practical (contain the solution of specific applied problem and mathematical economic models’ construction, their software implementation and experimental studies of their effectiveness) properties. The results should be measured at the level of scientific and technological potential.

The electronic form of paper in English, Ukrainian or Russian language with the application should be sent to the address editor@nfmte.com.

Files should be named by the last author's name in Latin letters (for example, Savina_zayav.doc, Savina.doc).

A detailed description of the requirements for scientific papers’ submission to the scientific and analytical journal "Neuro-Fuzzy Modeling Techniques in Economics" can be downloaded below.

The requirements to the papers submitted to scientific and analytical journal "Neuro-Fuzzy Modeling Techniques in Economics".