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Fuzzy approach to assessment of the national life satisfaction index

Gorkhmaz Imanov, Vugar Bayramov

In this article we deal with some problems of national life satisfaction in specific life spheres, such as: work, income, dwelling, health, pastime and environment. For this purpose the model of the assessment of the national life satisfaction index is formed, which is based on the methods of fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic. The subject of the research is material security of social groups of Azerbaijan in different life spheres. The received results show that the value of life satisfaction index of some social groups, such as - very poor, of moderate means, well-off and rich, absolutely coincide with value of linguistic variables which characterize different levels of life satisfaction. The index value of second group (poor people) is closer to very unsatisfied, and that of the third one – to unsatisfied. The calculations also show that the general level of the national satisfaction index is located between values of unsatisfied and people of moderate means. In the article, for the first time, fuzzy linguistic model of assessment of national life index is proposed. The received results of the research give the opportunity to people, who make decisions in the sphere of management of macroeconomic system, to adjust management parameters equal to the current situation.

Keywords. Fuzzy model, national life satisfaction index, life domains, fuzzy set, fuzzy logic.

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