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Evaluation of efficiency in controlling over the quality of manufacturing process organization on machine engineering enterprise

Marina Balzan

The paper considers the issue of improving the performance in enterprise activity analyzing the rating example results of the machine engineering enterprise. The improvement of the enterprise activity efficiency had been proven to be the result of enhancement in controlling over the quality of manufacturing process organization, achieved by applying the multi criteria analysis to the solution of the task of controlling over the enterprise performance quality. There had been substantiated the appropriateness of using the method of fuzzy multi criteria analysis as an alternative to the best variant in controlling over the performance quality. The above method enables to use the multi criteria analysis for choosing the best variant of the quality controlling project aimed at organizing the manufacturing process on the bases of pair wise comparison of the alternatives. Such an approach is suitable for the expert and is an advantage of the suggested method. The research resulted in the formulation of criteria for the evaluation of alternative variants: the degree of project preparation; expected effect; risks; quick development of the system for quality control; perspectives for the development of quality control system; project cost. One of the main characteristics of the suggested method is the application of the Zadeh-Bellman principle, following which the compensation for the drawbacks of some factors by the excess of the other is impossible. The solution is an alternative to be chosen, which simultaneously satisfies all the criteria for the most part. The specific example demonstrates the way the chosen set of criteria and the application of the developed approach forms the desired system for enterprise quality control with the expected efficiency.

Keywords. Management efficiency, quality of the production process, multi criteria analysis, fuzzy sets, pairwise comparisons.

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